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Italian Trousers

“Briglia1949″ man is self-confident, aware of his elegance
and master of his own destiny.

“Briglia1949″ man is a gentleman of modern times and “Briglia”
aims to be your first choice.

The gentleman’s choice.

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Briglia 1949 - Fall winter 2020

Briglia 1949

Find out the casual soul
of the brand.

Briglia 1949 | Racconta la Sartoria

Tells the Tailoring

Made in Italy style and the mastery
of the hand-made garnment

Briglia 1949 | Il denim


The real soul of the 5
pockets trousers.

Briglia 1949 | Racconta la Performance

Tells the Performance

Fashion is boundless,
Performance is researching.

This is briglia 1949

History of Tailoring

We always try to show our values through our work.

Our history is based on the constant desire to improve the quality of our customer’s life.

We work with an eye to the Italian sartorial tradition and another to the overseas innovations trying to create not only excellent garments, but also stories to share.

Briglia world

Briglia 1949 History of tailoring

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